The Case For Trump

The jubilation I felt on the night of November 8th, 2016, was something I will never forget. Though I had gone all in for Trump starting earlier that year, I didn’t actually expect him to win. Sitting in front of the TV, decked out in MAGA gear, watching the digital map turn red, I was ecstatic. Against the odds, we had won a stunning victory. Trump’s campaign was my first major foray into politics, a fact I will wear proudly for the rest of my life.

Of course, it was near impossible for our supposed savior to live up to the hype we had whipped up. Aside from sealing the country’s borders, forging an eternal alliance with Russia, crushing liberal dissent, and dismantling the dystopian world order, there was little Trump could have done to live up to our expectations. My grand disillusionment occurred in April 2017 with the Syria strikes, an event that sent me into a bout of political nihilism for quite a while. Looking back, this disillusionment was due to my youthful arrogance regarding great power politics, and obviously unjustified. As I’ve matured since then, I’ve only come to love Trump more. My enthusiasm has steadily returned, and it is essential that it does with our readers as well.

The US Presidential Election of 2020 is, without a doubt, the most important of our lifetimes. This isn’t a simple voting contest regarding which managerial nanny will run the country like in most prior elections. This is quite literally a contest for the soul of our great nation, a struggle of life or death. If Trump loses and the lackeys of the Democratic Party get into power, it will spell the end of our nation as we know it. The country we all grew up in, the one that we love, the one that our ancestors built and died for, it will cease to exist. Any counterattack will be destroyed before it even has the chance to leave the ground, as our enemies will have full access to the complete arsenal of the largest and most thorough intelligence and propaganda apparatus mankind has ever seen. It is not just important that you devote all you can to the support and reelection of the President; it is absolutely essential. I greatly encourage all of our readers to go out and vote as soon as humanly possible. The entire system is gearing up for an unprecedented counter attack. They have mobilized every imaginable weapon in their arsenal for this purpose. We can win this, but only if we meet them with equal passion and resolve.

In this article, I will outline the full case, in this writer’s most humble opinion, for reelecting Donald Trump as POTUS. Not only why you should at least tacitly support and vote for Trump, but why it is essential that you devote everything you can for this victory. Though this article is American-centered, the consequences of this election will have drastic impacts that will reverberate throughout the world, so I would encourage our international readers to pay close attention as well. The stakes have never been higher, and just a single vote could decide everything.

As is the case with all revolutions, it is impossible to understand the Trump revolution without first understanding the historical context that surrounds it. Of course, trying to summarize the past 70-odd years of US political history in the intro of an article meant to be read election day morning is nigh impossible. Luckily, someone else has already done that for me; the neoreactionary thinker Spandrell. His greatest work, a 3-part blog post entitled “Bioleninism,” has been one of the most formative works in my political journey ( The term coined in the post is one used to describe the current Democratic Party’s strategy. To summarize; bioleninism is the strategy of taking the Bolshevik model of accumulating power, but replacing the key component of class warfare with that of racial, sexual, and otherwise “biological” warfare. It’s gathering all opponents of the metropole, anyone who has a bone to pick against society, and uniting them in their hatred of normalcy. It started with black people, women, and other “marginalized” groups with sometimes legitimate grievances. But as time went along and new blood was needed, the political machine had to reach out to the total fringes of society; groups of people who have been marginalized by civilized society for good reason. Sexual deviants, perverts, criminals, etc. These are the legionaries of the “progressive” movement, and it will only get worse as time goes along, simply due to the way in which democracy operates. “Cthulu always swims left,” so the saying goes, as there will always be an opportunist able to put together the two braincells required to figure out the political expediency in gathering up minority groups in the name of hating the metropole.

In the case of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, they were able to take a fringe party with almost no support to ruling the most powerful state on Earth in the span of just a few years. They did this by uniting disenfranchised urban workers, (some) peasants, spurned elements of the intelligentsia, Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, other non-Russians in the empire, and other alienated groups, solely around their hatred of the Tsarist system. Once they took power, these groups showed absolute loyalty to the Bolsheviks, as they felt they owed them everything.

In the case of the modern Democratic Party, they have united blacks, Latinos, American Indians, Jews, Muslims, oversocialized white women, immigrants, homosexuals, transsexuals, criminals (no joke), and more, solely around their hatred of White, Christian America. What makes this “alliance of the fringes” so surprising and frightening is the fact that in any other environment, they would all be at each other’s throats. Yet the Democratic Party has been so effective and so thorough in its propaganda that they are willing to put aside these differences, all due to how much they hate white people. Include these people in your prayers, as it is sad to see any soul so engulfed in vitriolic hatred. But in the same way that the Bolshevik adherents gave absolute loyalty to the Bolshevik elite, so does the “coalition of the fringes” give the Democratic Party absolute loyalty.

Nail this point into your head, and don’t forget it: these people are not after equality, but rather revenge. In the nightmare case that Kamala wins; vae victis.

On the opposite end is the fractured triumvirate; the crumbling Cold War alliance between God, capital and country ( With the onset of the Cold War, presented with the existential threat of the Soviet Union, the Republican Party assembled what seemed like a natural alliance, three factions with one key focus that was under threat from the Soviet Union. The neoconservatives, a group of warhawks primarily concerned with exerting American power, the libertarians, primarily big business advocates primarily concerned with free market economics, and Christian conservatives (I will refer to them as Christcons), primarily concerned with social and cultural issues. As long as they had the uniting fear of the Soviet Union, it seemed as though the factions could stick together and tacitly support each other in what didn’t originally seem like mutually exclusive issues.

And then the Soviet Union fell. The Party establishment rushed to try and find an equivalent enemy, and thought they had found one in the form of Radical Islam. Yet despite some initial success in the aftermath of 9/11, the facade quickly started to collapse. The constituents of the party were not blind; radical Islam is simply a shadow of the threat the Soviet Union posed. Thus came the beginning of the end for the triumvirate; the Iraq War.

The war, orchestrated entirely by neocons, originally seemed to the rest of the triumvirate that it could serve their interests as well. A “liberated” Iraq would open up a brand new market to the libertarians, and had the possibility to serve as a sort-of crusade to the Christcons. After all, it was a just war, as Saddam posed an existential threat, sheltering America’s terrorist enemies and developing weapons of mass destruction.

Except that was all a lie. The death and destruction brought upon the region was purely a power play by neocons, a ploy to create new enemies to prove America’s strength to the world. And in the chaos, the whole region exploded. The instability made for a bad market, something that enraged the libertarian faction. The fall of Saddam Hussein, a man who had protected the large Iraqi Christian community, unleashed the forces of sectarian violence upon them. This has led to their near extinction, a fact that proved to the Christcon faction that the misadventures of the neocons were quite the opposite of their best interests. And so, the first major fault line formed in the Republican Party.
Then came the death knell; the culture war of the 2010s. There seemed to be some illusion that the Christcons and libertarians could still carry the party; after all, the neocons were only ever a small elite. The culture war destroyed that illusion, as the libertarians completely stabbed their Christian allies in the back. Not only did the libertarians refuse to side with the Christcons, they actively sided with the radical leftists on nearly every social issue, all in the name of “freedom.”

All of these catastrophes have resulted in a kind of semi-conscious awakening within the Christcon faction of the Republican Party. It began to become obvious that the ideologies and policies promoted by neoconservatives and libertarians were, in fact, mutually exclusive to their own. Libertarians care about nothing but money, and their possession of this very resource allowed them to fully infiltrate the party, despite being so few in number. The same was true of the neoconservatives. Thus, a sort of class war was exposed within the Republican Party; rich libertarian and neoconservative elites that disdain their numerous lower-class conservative Christian subjects. So much so that they spent the entire rule of the Republican triumvirate selling out and backstabbing these very people, who put so much trust in them.

The free market has done more to destroy our faith and communities than communists could ever dream of. The free market despises the Church, along with any other force of order. The parasitic relationship between the market and people requires unending expansion, unending consumerism, of which the Church has traditionally been the biggest bulwark. It is no surprise that the libertarian intelligentsia includes so few Christians, most being atheists. Their view of humanity is not only dehumanizing, viewing your family as nothing more than an economic unit to syphon resources from, but also downright evil. Conservatism is diametrically opposed to libertarianism, yet this tumor has so fully latched onto the movement that for a while, it seemed impossible to detach it.

Enter Donald Trump. God has a funny sense of humor, as the man who would destroy the cancer in the Republican party came from the group they appealed to most. A hedonistic billionaire businessman, possessing the kind of American bravado usually possessed by neoconservative warhawks. Perhaps that’s why he was even allowed to gain power, as the powers that be figured they could control him. Oh how wrong they were.

Donald Trump is nothing short of a political genius. His message and platform represents the only possible winning platform for the Republican party; nationalist populism. It seems to be a completely organic development in his thought process as well, as I find it deeply hard to believe that he has been secretly reading Steven Sailer. Yet he has utilized the “Sailer strategy” to a t, forming a new Republican party based around a “Coalition of the Normal:” the only logical response to the Democrat’s “Coalition of the Fringes.” Trump has toppled and crafted a new Republican party based around such populist issues as opposition to immigration, economic protectionism, an embrace of nationalism, and truly right-wing stances on social issues. And the result has been a raging success: Trump’s approval rating within the Republican Party has been the highest in US history. This exposes the reality of the old Triumvirate; a tiny minority diametrically opposed to the overwhelming Christcon majority.
The fact that the last Republican presidential candidate was Mitt Romney just shows the miracle we’ve been handed. In just 4 years, we had gone from a typical establishment, neocon/libertarian mutant to a true nationalist populist. This is nothing short of a Revolution, and a miracle.

Trump is not perfect, as everyone is aware. Despite his instincts always being right, he is too easily swayed by the swamp creatures that surround him, most sickeningly Jared Kushner. I find myself having to grit my teeth over his pandering to minorities. No doubt in an effort to avoid a coup, he obviously feels the need to cede some issues to establishment Republicans; too much in some areas. This has exposed our flank; the possibility of an establishment coup to hijack the MAGA movement and return to the old Triumvirate is a very real possibility, through the likes of Nikki Haley, Madison Cawthorn, or Dan Crenshaw.

Yet despite his flaws, he is the perfect man at the perfect time. Though it might seem as such, this is not a contradiction. Trump is the first step in the long march. He has broken the shackles of the old Republican Party, and opened the path for us to start anew. But we aren’t out of the woods yet, and this election is essential in continuing and completing the Trump Revolution. If Trump loses, the old establishment will point to it as the failure of his populist message, and put forward a Nikki Haley as the true torchbearer of the conservative movement. If they are able to co-opt the movement like that, all our work will be reversed, and it will be back to phase one. But the journey back will be even harder, as the establishment would not let themselves come so close to destruction again.

This is a good segway to perhaps the greatest single case for Trump; the alternative. Trump has rocked the Empire more than anyone ever thought possible. The fact that every single resource; every intelligence agency, the media apparatus, Hollywood, every other entertainment outlet, big tech, etc., of the most powerful state in the history of humanity has been utilized to its full extent against this one man tells everything you need to know. These past 4 years we have seen the largest psychological operation in human history. How ironic that the system itself has been able to convince legions of oversocialized bugpeople that the system is evil, and the way to fight it is to destroy the one man who has threatened the system, by siding with the system. The absurdity is evident to anyone even remotely aware of what is going on.

There hasn’t been a single greater situation in American history that has exposed who is really in control. The coalition against Trump has absorbed numerous prominent former Republicans, those members of the establishment who knew they couldn’t co-opt him. In fact, one of the former members of the Triumvirate, the neocons, have effectively returned to their roots, rejoining the Democratic Party. All the war criminals of the Iraq War have gleefully gone over to the Democratic Party, simply because the Democratic Party has incorporated their ideology quite well.

Many have missed this due to the flood of defamation flooding the internet every day, but Trump has objectively been the most dovish president the US has had since Jimmy Carter. He is the only president since Carter to not have started another war. In fact, he has drastically pulled back from the countless pointless wars we were embroiled in, as he promised. This America First policy is what really enraged the establishment, and the primary reason why so many of them are so Hell-bent on removing him from office. It’s no coincidence that Biden/Harris and the Democratic Party have adopted every single talking point that neocons utilized against Obama.

Many of us are too young to remember, but all the cutesy talking points on Trump’s foreign policy, “he cuddles up to dictators,” “he’s alienating our allies,” “he’s weakening America’s position in the world,” are the hallmarks of neoconservative thought. These were featured on Fox News 24/7 against Obama during his presidency, identical to the ones used against Trump. This just goes to show the complete intellectual dishonesty of the left. They were never anti-war; all of their protests against the Iraq War were all for show. Their embrace of all the Iraq War criminals, just check out The same people who fabricated Saddam having weapons of mass destruction, the same people who caused the deaths of millions in the Middle East, the same people who caused the genocide of indigenous Christians in the Middle East, they are all with Biden and Harris now. They couldn’t stand Trump trying to halt the death of millions, trying to put an end to all these wars, and neither could any of the Progressives in the left. They aren’t finished bathing in the blood of American soldiers and innocents halfway across the world. They still require more.

Biden and Harris have transparently embraced the death and destruction of the neocon platform, just with the addition of doing it all under the gay pride flag, rather than the white supremacist American flag. Destroying the American people isn’t enough, they have to spread the gospel of social degeneration and the death of traditional communities all across the world. Imperialism is great when done under the banner of the rainbow flag.

If Kamala were to win, this new status quo wouldn’t just be a temporary detour either. Just like people who face near-death experiences, they would re-emerge with renewed vigor, and ensure that people like us will never take power again. They will open the borders, take away your guns (literally,, indoctrinate your kids, and ensure you have no place at the table.

This is perhaps the greatest issue we face: big tech. Following the catastrophe of 2016, the tsars of the great tech monopolies got together and vowed they would never allow anything like that to happen again. We have already seen the devastating effects this has had; most of the energetic voices in 2016 that really kicked up the enthusiasm that rocketed Trump to the White House have been kicked off of every social media platform, or are practically neutered. The only reason why all sane voices haven’t been banned from the internet forever is due to Trump. Radical leftists are in control of every facet of society, all they need is the executive and we’re finished. President Kamala would pass laws crafted by the ADL to ban “white nationalists” from all social media platforms (aka, anyone critical of immigration). This isn’t really up for dispute either, big tech has been fervently fighting for Biden, and are even embedded in his campaign ( How many of us get our beliefs from social media, and what is the alternative? Going door to door? If we get banned from the internet, it’s all over. And kiss any fantasies of an armed uprising goodbye, as no one will even know how bad things are. You say you’ll just retreat from society? You’ll just get Ruby Ridge’d. There is no running from this. We currently live under the most totalitarian society in human history, and that’s with Trump in office fighting this at every chance. If Biden and Kamala win, you can bet your life things will get astronomically worse.

And the coup d’etat: if Biden and Kamala win, we will never take power again. This is simply due to demographic change. President Kamala opens the border, Texas turns blue, and we never win another election in our lifetimes. That is a nightmare scenario I would rather not face.

This will undoubtedly be the most decisive election of our lifetimes, at least until the one following a potential Biden/Kamala victory where they vote on whether to hang, draw and quarter or simply behead us. If we win, we have the very real possibility of saving the country, returning to Logos, and making the world a far better place for everyone. If we lose, we face complete annihilation. Vote as if not only your life, but the lives of your children and descendants count on it. Because they do.

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