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We are a group of mostly young Americans whose brand of “conservatism” falls outside of most mainstream discourse. Our political stories are as diverse as our backgrounds, and though our beliefs are constantly evolving in such a volatile world, our brand can be largely labeled paternalistic conservatism. We reject the absurdity of the “conservative” establishment, those who see our people as nothing more than economic units to siphon labor and resources from. We have our eyes on a brighter horizon, a better future for our people. A bright future that our children deserve.
The content of this publication will broadly encompass history, politics, philosophy, culture, and more. As we are a collection of different individuals, rather than a monolithic entity, the writings of some authors may not properly represent the views of others. We will constantly be listening to your feedback, and evolving in whatever ways you see fit. Likewise, as our humble publication grows and develops, you may notice some changes in style and content. What will never change is the love and devotion we hold for our families and nation. Together, these articles express our effort to make our troubled world a better place. It is, in essence, our appeal to Heaven.

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